- Controls -

Move - [Mouse]
Slow Motion - [LMB]
Return to Menu - [ESC]

*if you're experiencing performance issues, try downloading the game*

- Description -

BulletHeart was developed in 7 days during Brackeys Game Jam #2 and it's the first game i've made / published.
The theme for the jam was "Love Is Blind".

BulletHeart is a rather difficult Bullet Hell Game with a quite simple concept, due to the time being limited by the jam. 
I had a lot of fun developing and finishing the game and im amazed by the awesome community i was able to meet.

Thanks to Damiay, Dexter and everybody else for testing the game and helping me.

Have fun and thanks for playing!


BulletHeart for Windows 21 MB

Development log


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Just a gameplay...

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Can you share a GitHub link of this project? I think it's amazing and I would like to look at the things one by one. I tried to replicate it as best of my efforts.... And yeah they weren't great 


the best game singleplayer


Thank you so much for playing <3


This game looks awesome, i will still play on web, but it would be good if you publish it for MacOs too.

I will see what i can do :)




Watch Brackeys Game Jam #2 part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv


Thank you so much for playing and sharing my game on stream :)

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This is probably the most polished game I've played from the jam. Love the minimalism of the game, the menu, the music goes well with the game. this game totally deserves a stronger logo, though. And maybe some tweaks on the BG? Not sure why sometimes the BG changes in lvl 1...it turns out to be super difficult. Be nice to us!haha Great job ! We would love your feedback, too! =)

Thank you so much nielisson :) That background change is supposed to be a effect that happens on every level, but it seems like there is some issue with it 

Anyways im glad you took a look at it


Really awazing. Havn't been able to beat a single level ahahah. I'll for sure play it tomorrow too for my rating session and give this masterpiece a damn good rate !

Thank you so much and dont worry, i had issues play testing it aswell haha.